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Check out upcoming in person and virtual events!

Yarn Exchange Member Packet

$ 7.00
Group 4 In Stock
Shape Order by 3:00pm Pacific for fastest shipping
If you are an established Yarn Exchange Member, you can send us more yarn by following the same step-by-step instructions you received in the Welcome Packet. The shipping envelope ships to you free with the code YarnExchange18.
Choose which size shipping envelope you'd like to receive. 
Medium - 10.5" x 13.5" (holds approx. 3 100 gram skeins)
Large - 12" x 15.5" (holds approx. 6 100 gram skeins)
Extra Large - 14.5" x 19" (holds approx. 12 100 gram skeins)
Yarn Exchange credit may only be applied to other Yarn Exchange items. You have up to two years to use any credit earned. For more information about how the Yarn Exchange works go to the Yarn Exchange Information page.
To increase the likelihood of your yarn being accepted for the Yarn Exchange, please keep in mind the following: 
We accept yarns that are- 
-From a smoke free environment.
-At least 70% Natural Fiber
-Quality brands (click for examples)
-Unwound full skeins with labels
-In "like-new" condition
We do not accept yarns that are-
-Missing the label or ball-band
-Less than a full skein
-Lesser quality brands (click for examples)
-Showing any evidence of moths. Evidence of moths will result in a 180 day probationary period in which we will not accept any destashed yarns from you. 
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