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Check out upcoming in person and virtual events!

Yarn Exchange


Why Should You Participate in the Yarn Exchange?

•  Get rid of yarn that is sitting in your stash.

•  Free up space both physically and mentally.

•  Get credit to use for new-to-you yarn.

•  Buy high quality yarn at a discount.

•  Find skeins to match a dye lot that you need.  


How Does Your Yarn Exchange Credit Work?

•  We determine the current retail value of your yarn.

•  We price the yarn for the Yarn Exchange at 30% off of the current retail value.

•  You get 50% of the sale price as Yarn Exchange credit.* 

•  For example - Retail value of your yarn is $15, we price it at $10.50, you get $5.25 in credit.

•  You get your credit immediately, no waiting for your yarn to sell.

•  Your credit is good for 2 years from the date you receive it. 


Click Here to Request your Yarn Exchange Welcome Packet. 

Step 1:  Become a member by ordering your Yarn Exchange Welcome Packet. You’ll receive a postage paid, addressed shipping envelope and instructions for sending us your yarn.

Step 2:  Sort through your stash and choose the yarn you want to exchange. Follow the step by step instructions to get your yarn approved for the exchange.

Step 3:  Put your yarn in the shipping envelope and leave it by your front door. Your mail carrier will pick up the package and deliver it to us.

Step 4:  Once we receive and process your yarn, you’ll get an email letting you know that your credit is ready.

Step 5:  Do a happy dance and go shopping in the Yarn Exchange!


Click Here to Browse Yarn in the Yarn Exchange. 


To increase the likelihood of your yarn being accepted for the Yarn Exchange, please keep in mind the following. 

We accept yarns that are:

•  From a smoke free environment.

•  At least 70% Natural Fiber.

•  Quality brands.

•  Unwound full skeins with labels.

•  In "like-new" condition.


We do not accept yarns that are:

•  Missing the label or ball-band.

•  Less than a full skein.

•  Lesser quality brands.

•  Showing any evidence of moths.

*Yarn Exchange credit may only be applied to other Yarn Exchange items.



Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions