Stamped Spoons from The Cabin Table

  • A Cup of Happy - stamped spoons
  • Trust the Universe - stamped spoon
  • Home Grown Goodness - stamped spoons
  • Stay Cozy - stamped spoons
  • Steep Dreams - stamped spoons
  • Magic - stamped spoons
  • Teapot - stamped spoons
  • You're My Cup of Tea - Stamped Spoons from the Cabin Table
  • You're Tea-riffic - Stamped Spoons from the Cabin Table
These charming silver plated spoons are stamped with images and words. They are created locally here in Humboldt. You can use these spoons to put your loose leaf tea in your teapot. put jam on your scones or to stir some honey into your cup. They make wonderful gifts.