Postcards from Pen+Pine

  • Greetings from Humboldt Postcard from Pen+Pine
  • The Mighty Redwood postcard from Pen+Pine
  • Eureka postcard from Pen+Pine
  • Postcards from Pen+Pine

Send these postcards to your out of town friends to share what a special place we live in. 

Pen+Pine is local to us here in Eureka. She creates whimsical line drawings of plants, maps, and everyday objects. Pen+Pine is a small illustration company focused on creating swoon-worthy, handmade designs. Jenna hand-draws all of the illustrations, then turns them into products for you to give, receive, and cherish. The aim of Pen+Pine is to use illustration as a way to remind us all to slow down, follow our curiosity, and appreciate the whimsical nature of everyday objects. 

Everything is printed and produced locally, using recycled materials and eco-conscious processes. All packaging is reused or recycled, and even the "plastic" sleeves for cards are plant-based and compostable.