Mota yarn from WoolDreamers

  • Orange 463 G - Mota from WoolDreamers
  • Natural Gris - Mota from WoolDreamers
  • Lemon 746 G - Mota from WoolDreamers
  • Lime 442 G - Mota from WoolDreamers
  • Raspberry 520 G - Mota from WoolDreamers
  • Mota yarn from WoolDreamers
  • Water Blue 526 - Mota from WoolDreamers
Mota is another new yarn from WoolDreamers that is from Spain. It is a 100% wool yarn that is a blend of 70% Manchego and 30% Spanish Merino. Mota is an Aran weight yarn with heathered colorways. One of the special things about this yarn is that it has a Z twist. That means that it works especially well for crocheters. 

When you see the labels on this yarn, you'll notice there is a drawing of windmills - that's because the city of Mota has the windmills from Don Quixote. The quote on the label, "No son Gigantes, son Molinos," which is from Don Quixote translates as "They are not giants, they are windmills."