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Loose Leaf Tea in tins from Simpson and Vail

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Simpson & Vail Inc., one of the oldest Tea companies in the USA, is a family owned business dedicated to offering quality teas from around the world. All of their blends are hand crafted in their facility in Brookfield, CT in small batches to ensure freshness. We love the pretty tins and the delicious blends of flavors. These are 4 oz. tins. 

Beatrix Potter's Organic Herbal Tisane - Organic Green Rooibos, organic Rosehips, natural strawberry flavor, organic chamomile, organic spearmint and organic lemongrass.

Jane Austen's Black Tea blend- Black teas, spearmint, lavender flowers and vanilla flavor.

Emily Dickinson's Jasmine Tea blend- Jasmine tea, rose petals, jasmine blossoms, marigold petals and blue cornflower petals.

Walt Whitman's Organic Green Tea blend- Organic Green Tea, organic ginger root, organic lemon peel, organic eleuthero root, organic lemongrass and natural lemon flavor.

William Shakespeare's Black Tea Blend -  Rose Congou black tea, lavender petals, rose petals, rosemary and natural bergamot flavor.

Charles Dickens' Black Tea Blend - Black teas, oolong tea, black currant flavoring, and cornflower petals.

Lewis Carroll's Black Tea Blend - Black Tea, Rose Congou tea, violet flavoring, malva flowers.

Mother's Day Rooibos - A shop favorite! Rooibos, rose petals, lavender and French vanilla flavoring.

Turmeric, Ginger, Citrus - Organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic hibiscus, organic lemon peel, organic orange peel and organic lemon myrtle.

Lemon Ginger - a blend that combines natural lemon oil, organic lemon peel and organic ginger root with organic Rooibos herbal tea.

Lavender Lace -  Organic Cinnamon, Spearmint, Organic Rosemary, Lavender Flowers and Lemon Verbena.

Rooibos Chai - Organic Rooibos, organic cinnamon pieces, organic anise seeds, organic cloves, organic cardamom pods, natural cinnamon flavor, natural nutmeg flavor, natural ginger flavor, and natural clove flavor.

Herbal Masala Chai - Organic cinnamon pieces, organic cardamom seeds, organic black peppercorns, organic whole cloves, orange peel, organic ginger pieces, organic anise seed and Indian sarsaparilla.  

Detox Herbal - Organic cinnamon pieces, dandelion root, burdock root, organic ginger root, fennel seed, organic licorice root, organic juniper berries, organic black peppercorns, orange peel, organic cloves, organic cardamom pods, pau d'arco, uva ursi, horsetail and parsley.

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