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Hydrating Facial Serum from Coco Bee

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Hydrating Serum is a lightweight facial serum featuring argan + jojoba oils, pure vitamin e, and zero alcohols, grains, synthetics, or fragrance oils.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits | Naturally fights free radicals, soothes irritations & provides balance for acne-prone skin.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil Benefits | Stimulates cell growth, adds hydration, naturally fights free radicals & sun damage.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil Benefits | Minimizes broken capillaries and brightens skin.

How to use: Use on dry or damp skin by placing serum in palm of hand. Press lightly with fingertips & gently massage oil into skin. Designed for sensitive skin.

Ingredients: jojoba oil + castor oil + pumpkin seed oil + rosehip oil + prickly pear seed oil + marula oil + red raspberry seed oil + vitamin e + essential oils of lavender + lemongrass. Discard after six months of use. Apply topically.

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