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Chocolate Truffle Bars from Seattle Chocolate

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If you love chocolate truffles, you will love these Chocolate Truffle Bars from Seattle Chocolate. The center of these bars have a creamy melt-away center. 

Seattle Chocolate is drawn to color and pattern in their packaging, and work to make sure that every product is gift-worthy - even if it’s just for you. They collaborate with independent artists to create bars and gifts that are just as gorgeous as they are delicious.

Hazelnut Butter Crisp - A blend of hazelnut butter and brown rice crisps in milk chocolate.

San Juan Sea Salt - Crunchy toffee made in Woodinville, Washington and Pacific Sea Salt in creamy milk chocolate.

Triple Toffee - Absolutely packed full of toffee, the name might be an understatement. Creamy milk chocolate loaded with traditional English style hard toffee bits made in Woodinville, Washington, plus a hint of sea salt.

Rainier Cherry - A decadent delight of fresh dried cherries and praline pecans in 60% dark chocolate.

Crunchy Peanut Butter - Dark Chocolate with a white chocolate and peanut butter center, plus extra roasted peanuts for a satisfying crunch.

Dark Sea Salt - Crunchy toffee with a hint of sea salt in our classic dark chocolate.

Salted Almond - Large chunks of dry roasted almonds with a hint of sea salt in classic rich dark chocolate. Purchase of this bar supports Girls Inc.

Pike Place Espresso - Dark chocolate infused with decaffeinated, deeply roasted and finely ground espresso.

Sip Sip Hooray - A dark chocolate shell and freeze-dried raspberries in white chocolate, with all natural popping candy that tickle the palate like champagne bubbles. Non alcoholic.

Mexican Hot Chocolate - Fresh ground cinnamon, pure vanilla extract from Madagascar and a pinch of cayenne pepper add flavor depth to this Mexican hot chocolate recipe made in dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter Crisp - Milk chocolate enrobes peanut butter and crispy oat bites for an irresistible chocolate truffle bar experience. Limited Edition! 

Crème Brulée Crackle - White and dark chocolate with toffee.

Spicy Hot Chocolate - Dark Chocolate with cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne. 

Chocolate Sprinkle Donut - Dark chocolate with natural donut flavoring and confetti sprinkles.

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