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Tributary Yarns

Tributary Yarns

River Silk and Merino from Tributary Yarns

One of my passions is supporting people, especially women, in finding success in doing what they love. I am currently a part of two different groups that do this kind of work. One is a group of women in the yarn/fiber industry. We meet once a year for a retreat where we share ideas, discuss challenges we're having with our businesses and educate ourselves on different aspects of running a business. We keep in touch throughout the year to cheerlead for each other's successes and problem solve when that's what is needed. The second group is another group of women local to me who are all doing creative work in different fields. But again, we meet once a month to support each other with ideas on how to meet our goals, how to overcome challenges we're facing and ways to move toward success and abundance. 

This is why I am super excited to announce that Yarn is now the home of Tributary Yarns. Tributary Yarns is a new indie dyed yarn from right here in Humboldt County. The dyer - Andrea is someone I've known for many years. I've enjoyed following her blog This Knitted Life and was excited for her when she recently started hand dyeing yarn. When Andrea contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I'd be interested in carrying her yarn in my shop, it was an enthusiastic,  "Yes!" I'm loving the colors that Andrea is coming up with and the yarn bases she's using are wonderful.

Tributary Yarns

Right now in the shop we have Stream Sock, River Silk and Merino, Drainage DK and Watershed Worsted. The River Silk and Merino and Drainage DK are both silk blends that have a gorgeous sheen to them, making them both lovely choices for shawls, cowls, hats or sweaters. Stream Sock is a Superwash Merino and Nylon blend perfect for socks or shawls.  Watershed Worsted is an American grown, sustainable, 100% Rambouillet wool that is just wonderful for almost anything. Each month Andrea will be releasing a Color of the Month in a limited quantity in the Stream Sock base. This month's color, Anna's Art Studio sold out in the first few days, so keep an eye out for it. We'll announce it on Instagram and Facebook and in our newsletter each month. 

You can only get this yarn from me and I can ship it to you wherever you are. I'm happy to include any needles, notions, patterns or whatever else you might need in the package with your beautiful yarn. I am so thrilled to be supporting Andrea's passion and I know you will enjoy knitting or crocheting with this yarn.

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Beth tomlinson - April 25, 2021

I am passionate about yarns especially for socks and am interested in any information I can get about unusual and special yarns especially those that are for specific needs for certain people thank you

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