Sandwich Wraps from SoSewFresh

  • Houseplants fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Bees fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Mushrooms & Flowers fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Garden Gnomes fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Crafty Mouse fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Rainbows & Trees fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Sunset fabric - Sandwich wrap
  • Sandwich Wraps from SoSewFresh

These locally made sandwich wraps are my absolute favorite. They're perfect for reducing waste because you can wash them and use them over and over. My family and I have used these for years and I'm excited to be able to offer them to all of you. 

These are made with a double layer of fabric. The inner fabric is coated, so that it is water resistant. Velcro keeps them closed. I like this style much better than the pocket style wraps. It's so much easier to get your sandwich out and you can use the wrap as a little mat while you eat. Plus the fabrics are super cute!