Kakigori from Noro

  • Akashi - Noro Kakigori
  • Fukuyama - Noro Kakigori
  • Naha - Noro Kakigori
  • Totori - Noro Kakigori
  • Hakodate - Noro Kakigori
Kakigori is named after a Japanese shaved ice dessert and this yarn is just as fun as a dessert. The yarn is a DK weight yarn in a blend of 50% cotton, 30% silk, 10% Viscose, and 10% Polyamide. Each 200 gram ball has approximately 660 yards. The gauge is 21-24 stitches equals 4 inches on size 5-7 needles. Use this gorgeous yarns for summer shawls, tops or ponchos.