Cormo Sport yarn from Sincere Sheep

  • Dionysus' Regret - Cormo Sport
  • Katydid - Cormo Sport
  • Anja - Cormo Sport
  • Hathor's Gem - Cormo Sport
  • Kung Hey Fat Choi - Cormo Sport
  • Urchin - Cormo Sport
Looking for a 100% U.S. grown, milled and hand dyed yarn? Cormo Sport from Sincere Sheep will happily fill that niche. This yarn is so wonderful to work with. It is soft and bouncy with beautiful stitch definition. The naturally hand dyed colors are gorgeous too. Use this yarn for just about anything; hats, cowls, scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves and sweaters. Each 4 ounce skein has 400 yards.