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World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 10th!
World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 10th!

Carson Demers Events

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Join us for a weekend of events with passionate knitter, author and physical therapist, Carson Demers and learn how to knit or spin comfortably. We all want to be able to continue doing our crafts long into the future without having aches and pains in our necks, hands, or wrists. Carson will teach us how to make some simple changes, so that we can continue crafting for many years to come. 

Knitting Sustainably Lecture with Carson - Friday, June 16, 6:00 - 6:45 pm - Let’s face it, we all want to knit forever! What’s your plan to get there? Here’s a talk that will
give you an overview of what you need to have in mind to make your goal. We’ll learn “The Ergonomic Equation” and discuss specific tips that you can take away and try in your knitting including how to choose a chair. And you’ll get some strategies for integrating them into your knitting routine.

Knitting Comfortably Class - Saturday, June 17, 10 am - 1 pm - learn how knitting affects your body, and see how your knitting technique impacts your efficiency and productivity. By completing a Risk of Injury assessment in class you’ll learn how knitting contributes to those aches and pains throughout your body. But more importantly, you’ll learn how to reduce them. A little knowledge and some simple changes can keep you knitting comfortably and safely ever after.

Ergonomics at Your Spinning Wheel Class - Saturday, June 17, 2-5 pm - Spinning shouldn’t hurt! In this class you’ll learn what ergonomic risk factors are and where they exist in spinning at a wheel. Most importantly you’ll learn what to do to minimize them and early warning signs that could prevent an injury. Safer strategies for seating, balancing your spinning work, and of course, stretches will all be taught.

Swatchbuckling - Sunday, June 18, 10 am - 1 pm - We’ll swatch to improve your posture, comfort, and efficiency. We’ll examine yarn tensioning techniques, and all phases of stitch creation first with simple then more challenging swatches and stitches. We’ll also look at ways to add movement to knitting to avoid stiffness and injuries caused by disuse.

  • join us for one or more event
  • please register for each event you wish to attend
  • all classes will be held at Yarn
  • you will receive an email with any materials you need to bring
  • in person classes require proof of Covid vaccination

Up to two low-income crafters may attend each of the 3-hour classes with Carson for a 30% off discount. Use the codes Carson30 at checkout to receive the discounted rate.

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