Mini Soy Candle in tin

  • Mini Soy Candle in tin
  • Buds & Bloom - candle in tin
  • Salt & Sand - candle in tin
  • Roots & Rain - candle in tin
  • Citrus & Seed - candle in tin

Create ambiance and warmth with a divinely scented Mini Soy Candle with a burn time of 10+ hours.

Buds + Blooms: Fresh and floral with cedar, rose, ylang ylang, musk and amber.

Salt + Sand: Soft mix of floral and citrus with a splash of coconut and vanilla.

Roots + Rain: Soothing green tea blended with citrus, rose, saffron and papyrus.

Citrus + Seed: Zesty and refreshing grapefruit, orange, cassis and muskat.
Made in France